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How old is too old to start a business | Force0six

I just turned 39 yesterday. For the record, Mark Zuckerberg started Facebook at 19, but Charles Flint launched IBM at 61.

While Hollywood may love the story of the college kid who starts a multi million dollar business out of his dorm room, that’s only one story. For many, life as an entrepreneur begins much later and comes from a

Montana is the home of Force0six

place that builds your character.

Force0six was formed while I was sitting on a fireplace ledge at my friends house roughly 2 days after I found out I was being released from my prior employer due to my position being "dissolved". I was with this company for 7 years, a merger, and many changes in leadership. I learned a great deal on how to handle corporate change that's for sure, but I never felt so empty professionally after I received that call.

It was like a fire was lit inside. I always thought about consulting or contracting while working a full time job. I did dabble in that a bit in the past. Even though I had ideas, I never felt excited to begin a new venture like this. I felt confidence immediately and my creativity began to trigger thoughts about a name, a logo, an identity.

Within 4 hours I was done with my identity. Force0six was created.

Force because I love Salesforce. It's a rad product. It's simple. It is customizable. I can sell it, support it, and build on it. It's a canvas I can paint on. It has a sales and service cloud and can fit every vertical market. It can handle your marketing needs, sales lifecycle, operations, and support. Its an effective CRM......and more! We (Force0six) even added a sweet pinch of SEO, SEM, and Lead Generation services into the mix and made it part of our brand as well.

406 The area code of the most amazing state on the planet. Montana. I always find myself there. Physically I drive across the country to be there. Mentally I lose myself in her beauty. Spiritually, its the most relaxing place in the world to me. I am myself while being there....always. No ego, no bullshit. The kindest people live there. They work hard. Farmers, ranchers, carpenters, loggers, plumbers and skilled tradesmen that had their craft seated deeply in them by their elders.

The name speaks for itself and I am proud of it.

Force0six has been born. And my experience with the creation of this identity was fulfilling. My job is to be with you through technology.

When it comes to launching a business, what a person may lack in youthful energy comes back multiplied many times over in experience or from experience. I just turned 39 yesterday. You're never too old to to start a business, but remember, its the people and their character that make the business successful.


Force0six is a boutique consulting firm with expertise in Salesforce Sales and Service cloud implementations as well as custom application development. Beyond our Salesforce experience, we also bring a plethora of marketing analytics experience which will optimize your ROI and minimize your marketing spend. Our focus and experience in SEO, Adwords, Media Buying, and Lead Conversion is provided via our proprietary processes and technologies. This enables marketers to evaluate the success of their marketing initiatives. Our 360°approach allows our customers, both large and small, to be more successful in their use and adoption of Salesforce and their lead generation processes that serve their lucrative marketing campaigns.

Force0six has a proven track record of dramatically improving business processes and bringing measurable value to our clients. We combine industry knowledge with demonstrated expertise to create unified, web-based solutions based on the platform and beyond using Search engine optimization (SEO) services, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising management, SEO-friendly ​web design and information architecture, as well as social media and conversion rate optimization services outside of the Salesforce Cloud.

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