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Website and Search Analytics

Search analytics provide the insight to investigate particular interactions among Google or Bing users, the search engine, or the content during online searches in Google and Bing. The resulting analysis and aggregation of search engine statistics can be used in search engine marketing (SEM) and search engine optimization (SEO). In other words, search analytics helps website owners understand and improve their performance on search engines, for example identifying highly valuable site visitors, or understanding user intent. Search analytics includes search volume trends and analysis, reverse searching (entering websites to see their keywords), keyword monitoring, search result, and advertisement history, advertisement spending statistics, competitor research and affiliate marketing statistics.


Why Use Search Analytics With Force0six:


  • Real Time Data – Real-time analytics give you the capacity to access your data with near-zero latency between search and processing. Real-time data processing involves continual input, processing, and output of data so organizations can access their data, derive insights, and act immediately.  We utilize best of breed solutions, including Google Analytics to retrieve real-time data.

  • Transparent Results – Prospective customer data is a source of competitive advantage and gaining prospect and customer confidence is key. Force0six is transparent about the information we gather giving YOU, the customer, control of your personal data.

  • Website Analytics Provide Key Information on your Site and its Vistors 

    • How many visits you’ve had to your site

    • Whether the people on your site are new or returning visitors

    • Demographic data such as what country they are visiting from

    • What browser they are using, such as Internet Explorer or Chrome

    • Where visitors landed on your website and where they exited

    • How long visitors spent on your site

    • What campaigns drove visitors to your website

    • The keywords people searched in order to find your site




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