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Drive Traffic With Google Adwords Import For Salesforce | Force0six

If you use AdWords to bring in new customers for your business and you also use Salesforce’s Sales Cloud to track when new leads turn into paying customers, you can now see which AdWords keywords, ads, and campaigns are doing the best job at driving the qualified leads and new sales that you track in Salesforce.

Salesforce and Google Adwords are now connected both online and offline. With AdWords Conversion Import for Salesforce, you can automatically count AdWords conversions for any of the lead statuses and opportunity stages (milestones) that you’re already tracking in Salesforce. This lets you understand how your Google AdWords investment results in the most important milestones in your sales funnel. With the information you learn, you can then adjust your AdWords account to make sure you are driving the right kind of traffic.

What does this mean to you? Here's an example:

You’ve created AdWords Pay Per Click ads to send prospective customers to a contact form on your website. When people fill out the form, they are entered as new leads in Salesforce, and you use Salesforce to track every stage in the sales process.

You’ve already set up conversion tracking to see when prospective customers who click your ads submit the contact form. You’ve learned that two of your keywords are especially good at driving these leads. But you know that not all leads are equal: are both keywords resulting in sales?

You link your Salesforce and AdWords accounts, and you decide to track two Salesforce milestones as conversions: when a lead transitions to an opportunity, and when the opportunity results in a sale.

Once you start importing these conversions, you learn that while the two keywords are both good at driving prospect form submissions on your website, one keyword is much better than the other at driving leads that eventually result in opportunities and sales. You decide to increase your bids for the more successful keyword, and experiment with adding new keywords that are similar to the keyword that was most successful.

Google AdWords Import for Salesforce CRM

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