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The search engine has evolved | Force0six

The VW hippy van is the search engine of the past.  SEO and SEM is the future

Times have sure changed. We often get excited to see a piece of history going down the open road nowadays. The VW van is an iconic piece of history when it comes to thoughts of camping, concerts, and those long road trips with friends. It didn't really matter where you ended up. It was going to be a trip. Rumors have begun to circulate about the re-emergence of the iconic VW hippy-van, a beloved road-trip staple and unparalleled adventure machine.

It blows my mind to think that this van will be all electric. But that is exactly how evolution works. Everything changes. People change, technology changes, and society adapts quickly.

In today's marketplace it is critical to have your name out there and compete because someone is going to try and do it better, faster. Your brand is your staple. The weld that supports the structure that you live and breath in. That you believe in. How do you get your name out there? Well, its simple. Digital Marketing

A picture is worth a thousand words today. FOR REAL! Just think about it. This image to the right can be tagged. Search will now look at alt tags and crawl and index it as if it were content. I draw you in with a picture, and behind the scenes I am being found all over the world wide web because I posted a picture of a VW-hippy van. Its amazing. Its Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing at its finest. And today, Google runs the search world. So I plan on branding and targeting my customers. I can do this very quickly by blogging. I also have a google business page and google+ page. I am targeting San Diego easily. I am free advertising for Salesforce. It goes full circle. I am being crawled right now. My blog will end up on social media, linkedIN, and Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. I didn't spend a dime to do it either, I just spent some time.

Everything you do can be searched today. Don't become extinct. You are not a dinosaur. You are a VW hippy van......just electric and new, you can evolve!

Let Force0six build your marketing plan and we will make your website work for you.

Happy Blogging!

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