Salesforce Is More Than a CRM

Salesforce is a canvas that you can paint on. A CRM solution that can integrate with most, if not all of your applications in some way. Running a business requires you to stay ahead of your competition while maintaining your Leads, Prospect and Customer information. This promotes healthy customer relationships and longevity in the marketplace.

Have you ever thought about what Salesforce can do outside of being your customer Rolodex? Do you want to avoid double data entry? Technology is meant to provide a Return On Investment (ROI). Lets take a look at some ways Salesforce steps up to the plate.

Integrate with your ERP System and create one version of truth

With an ERP integration in place, data is automatically exchanged and synced between the two systems, allowing you to eliminate time consuming and error-prone data entry processes. The result is an organized Salesforce application with company-wide access and visibility to key customer and product information.

Email to Case Functionality

Salesforce can automatically create a case when an email is sent to one of your company's email addresses, such as This Email-to-Case functionality auto-populates case fields from the content of each email. For example, an email subject heading becomes a case subject and body of the email becomes the description of the case.

Connect Outlook Email to Salesforce For a 2 Way Integration

With LinkPoint360, users can view and create any Salesforce object from within Outlook. This flexible integration allows users to record emails, create new contacts or leads, and automate synchronization of contacts, calendars, and tasks.

Use Electronic Signatures with Docusign

With a seamless Salesforce integration, there’s nothing new to learn. Documents are auto-routed to the right people, with built in reminders and expiration times. Decision makers can review and approve a contract within minutes. Signed agreements are legally binding and backed by a court-admissible audit trail. DocuSign warrants compliance with the federal ESIGN Act.

Force0six provides consulting services to organizations looking to automate business processes. Services include Salesforce CRM strategy and planning, program implementation, business operations reprocessing, sales program design & implementation, service cloud support processes, and sales/marketing cloud automation on the Salesforce Platform. We are your trusted Salesforce Integration Partner with .Net Technologies. We provide integration services that synchronize data across your in-house or cloud based applications including ERP, CRM, Proprietary Web Applications and Document Management Systems. We allow you to work smarter, not harder.

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