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Social Media Marketing for Realtors | Force0six

Are you a realtor? Are you still handing out door tags and spending countless hours walking from house to house? I have some news for you. Start advertising on Social Media.

Every real estate agent should be running a number of different Facebook, Twitter or Instagram ad campaigns. You’ll want one for likes, one for opt-ins, one for website conversions, one for each lead generating goal, and within all of these, you’ll have different variations of each ad based on goal, target and expected outcome.

Facebook Ads for Realtors | Force0six

Why do I need to use Social Media for advertising?

  • You get to meet clients where they are. Since a lot potential buyers and sellers use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Linkedin, it makes sense to advertise there.

  • People fill out the “Contact” form right in the Social Media ad. This makes it easy for people to interact with your ads without having to leave Facebook for example. And by making your ad look like it belongs there, you keep your audience there, and you may end up with better results.

Target your audience

The key to running successful Social Media ads for realtors is to make your ad very targeted to an audience that wants to see it. Running ads is a lot like farming, but farming to an audience that is likely to need your services soon. Know your target. I cannot stress this enough. This is not the time to worry about alienating people or not attracting the right people. You must pick a target and you must know very specific details about your target to keep them in your crosshairs.

With Social ads, you can already target users based on their demographic, country, state, city and even their neighborhood. This is useful if you’re a local business and you want to target users in a particular city or suburb, like San Diego and Bankers Hill, rather than show your content to the entire state of California.

Don't waste money on nonsense advertising

What you do not want to do is make your ad intrusive because you are more than likely wasting your money at that point. The biggest mistake being made by realtors currently using Social Media to market is they are using a “catch all” type ad that mentions how they are #1 in their market or how many houses they have sold. Nobody gives a crap about that.

Set a budget

While you may decide to run ads for a few dollars here and there, you should really look at your advertising budget, determine how much your business plan allows for ad spending to generate leads, and what an appropriate return will be.

Direct leads to your website

An important process of generating qualified leads is sending Social Media users directly to your real estate website so they can learn more about your brand, listings, and content. Social ads allow you to create optimized campaigns that send traffic directly to your website.

You are not the only realtor to choose from

You may not be the only realtor on the block so it’s vital to set yourself apart and let your target audience know how they can benefit from doing business with you, rather than your competitors. Be Creative. Have catchy ads. Draw me in with more then a pretty smile!

Facebook Ads with Force0six

Force0six can enhance your Social Media Marketing Campaigns through paid ads that promote on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Foursquare, Yelp, and many others. We will work in tandem with your team to assist with Search Optimization (SEO) services and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns. Search engines are becoming consistently more intuitive and to ensure SEO, SEM, or Paid Social Media Marketing campaign success, you must step into your consumers' shoes, discover what they’re searching for and how they go about searching for it and make it easier for them to locate you. We spend time with you to optimize your content and rank you above your competition. We are with you through technology.

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