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Sweep Up Your Dirty Data in Salesforce | Force0six

Are you finding it difficult to implement your Salesforce solution? Forrester Research came up with the following stats:

  • 18 percent said they had trouble deploying and planning the solution

  • 22 percent found staff unwilling—or struggling—to adopt or use it

  • 27 percent said business processes were poorly integrated

  • 33 percent felt they did not have the right technology in place

While these reasons give us great insight into the way businesses adopt CRM solutions, they do not accurately pinpoint the hidden result of the chaos, which most often stems from - dirty data.

Here's why:

  • If Salesforce is not deployed in a way that meets requirements, you will not be able to capture the data that each department needs.

  • If your team doesn't know how to use the solution, or rejects it from day one, they'll probably develop their own data capture methods and workarounds, leaving their CRM system polluted and incomplete.

  • If business processes are not properly integrated, Salesforce cannot support the sales & service teams with their work.

  • If the CRM system is seen as deficient, defective, cumbersome and slow, people won't see any reason to use it - and they certainly won't feel a responsibility to use it properly.

For many companies, dirty data remains an unknown problem. Old systems have limped along for years basically hiding data quality problems.

Bad data is bad for business. Achieving and maintaining high-quality data requires vigilance, good processes, and a little help from technology—including the features in Salesforce CRM, tools from the platform, and solutions from partners on the AppExchange located here:

You can also reach out to Force0six at 858-205-0101 for any assistance during your implementation process.


As a Salesforce Consulting Partner in San Diego, Force0six has performed countless implementations across the U.S. and throughout all major vertical markets. Whether you are starting with the Salesforce Sales Cloud or Service Cloud or simply looking to expand your existing Marketing platform, Force0six will take the time to understand your business processes and requirements while designing a Salesforce solution specifically for you.

Salesforce’s applications – Analytics Cloud, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and Lightning experience – make it possible to transform how your company operates, all revolving around your clients.

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