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5 Ways I Improved My Site’s Ranking (SEO) on Google and Bing | Force0six

Organic traffic is still the most valuable traffic in the world with search engines still rated the most trusted source for finding news and information.

With that being said, SEO can be complicated!! I want to uncomplicate it for you. While setting up my own website, I went down many winding roads only to find out I was 12 pages deep in Google. I switched my title elements, keywords, H1 tags, descriptions and more only to find out that things would take months to change or I wouldn’t rank differently at all!

With algorithms driving search results nowadays, SEO methodologies can change in an instant. I wanted to focus on local and national search. I was expecting prospect calls and emails right away but that wasn’t the case until I cracked the code on some simple yet effective SEO methods. It was then that I saw immediate results. Here’s what I did at Force0six to rank organically on Google and Bing.

Title Elements should relate to H1 Tags, Descriptions and Keywords

As an example, let’s take a look at the Force0six Home Page at in HTML.

  • <title>SEO and PPC in San Diego | Salesforce and .Net Experts at Force0six</title>

  • <meta name="keywords" content=".Net, AdWords, Internet Marketing, PPC Services, SEM, SEO, Salesforce Consultant"/>

  • <meta name="description" content="Your SEO and PPC Company in San Diego. We are #1 with Pay Per Click, AdWords, SEO, SEM, Internet Marketing, Salesforce Consulting &amp; .Net Development."/>

  • <h1 class= Delivering Innovation</span></span></span></span></h1 <h1 class= Through Optimization</span></span></span></span></h1<h1 class>Salesforce Consulting | Salesforce & Net Development | Software Project Management | SEO | PPC | AdWords | Internet Marketing | Web Design</span></span></h1>

As you can see, we have unique combinations and phrases that relate to one another across all pages and subpages of HTML. For example, I reference Salesforce, SEO, or PPC in all elements.

Keyword Stuffing is a NO-NO in your Title Elements

Adding keywords over and over again in Title Elements, Meta tags, Alt Attributes and descriptions is bad news.


SEO San Diego | SEO Expert | SEO | San Diego SEO | SEO Guru

The intent is to make the search engines believe that the page is relevant for the keyword term and thus inflate its ranking. This can adversely affect pages because, if caught, search engines will penalize a keyword stuffed site or completely remove it from the index. We always recommend having your most targeted keywords appear in the Title tag, Meta Description tag, Meta Keywords tag, Heading tag and of course within the content.

I typically use long tail titles elements with more specific search terms like:

San Diego SEO Services | Search Engine Optimization | Force0six

In order to really profit from a keyword strategy focusing on long tail keywords, you should have a clear vision of your company, your product and your website.

Force0six Title Elements

Google Business Page and Bing for Business – Set it up!

Having a business page enhances your page presence on both Google and Bing. Specifically, for local SEO. When a user types in a search phrase and location a Google or Bing Map will pop up along with the top local businesses in that area. Each result will have a marker that corresponds with the Google or Bing Map making it convenient for the user to utilize. Adding your business to this list will help provide you with more visibility to your business, bring more traffic to your site and will get you on the map.

Force0six Google Business Page SEO

Write a Blog and link it to Google Plus

Every Blog I write on Force0six is linked to my google plus page. My content is then searchable and able to be tagged across the Google ecosystem. People who discover your Google plus blog can follow or "circle" you. But follower growth happens faster on Google plus for several reasons. First, people share more actively and enough people do that, your post could make it to the Google plus "What's Hot" list, and a million people might read it.

Second, your readers can share you as part of a circle. Good bloggers end up on circles that are shared and reshared -- circles with names like "SEO" or "Website Design" or "Salesforce Consultants." Once you start getting shared in these circles, it never stops, it only grows and grows, as more people add the circle and reshare it themselves.

Force0six Google Plus SEO and Blog

Get educated on Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools

Google Search Console and the Bing Webmaster Tool are free services offered by Google and Bing that help you monitor and maintain your site's presence in Google and Bing Search results. You don't have to sign up for Search Console or Bing Tools for your site to be included in Google's or Bing search results, but doing so can help you understand how these providers view your site and optimize its performance in search results. As someone focused on online marketing, Search Console and Bing Tools will help you monitor your website traffic, optimize your ranking, and make informed decisions about the appearance of your site's search results. You can use the information in Search Console or Webmaster Tools to influence technical decisions for the website and do sophisticated marketing analysis in conjunction with other Google tools like Analytics, Google Trends, and AdWords, Bing Ads and more.

Google Search Console Force0six

Force0six is a Business Transformation firm with two distinct areas of focus: - We are software experts and we thrive as a leading consulting partner and .Net Software vendor. We have extensive experience and know-how, and that translates into more efficient software development. - We also specialize in SEO, SEM, and Digital Marketing utilizing Google Adwords and BingAds. Our Search Engine Optimization & Pay Per Click Services are provided throughout the United States.

We do what's best for our clients and our focus is always on continuous improvement. We stay educated and up to date on technology and techniques with CRM, Marketing Development, SEO & PPC Advertising, and Social Media in order to give our clients an advantage over their competition. Our results are what separate us from the pack. Our success is your success.

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