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Bing Ads vs Google Adwords, Which One Gets Results? | Force0six

Now that Bing has emerged as a legitimate alternative to Google, and has garnered its fair share of users, the time has come to consider whether their advertising platform is worth trying. Both offer very similar tools and work in the same format of cost-per-click, so which one is better?

Google AdWords and Bing Ads | Force0six

While it is true that Google dominates in terms of search volume; that doesn’t necessarily mean that you advertising money is best spent there. That’s why need to we compare the two and see if their differences stand out for you.

Why Google AdWords

The authority on internet search engine advertising, Google offers more of everything, when compared to Bing. You’ll have the most search volume, by a large margin, and more advertisers to choose from, to find the most appropriate content for your website.

This advantage is even more prevalent when you are looking to take advantage of local search queries and optimizing for Google’s Local AdWords that allow you to dominate geo-specific keywords and places. When combined with Google Maps, your brand’s visibility becomes impossible to miss for your target audiences. There is also the added ability to extend your ad’s visibility through the use of ad extensions, which are much more limited with Bing’s options.

Google AdWords’ interface is also considered to be an overall easier platform to use and understand when compared to Bing, in its current state. This is likely to change in the near future and it is also merely a matter of personal preference, but it it’s something to consider when deciding on one platform over another as your main advertising campaign.

Why Bing Ads

Don’t let Bing’s lower search volume fool you into thinking that it serves no benefit to your business or that you would be wasting your time using their partnership program. Bing’s ads can cost as low as half as Google’s AdWords. This is due to the lower search volume and, as a result, fewer advertisers. This is a great opportunity for small businesses or experimental ad campaigns where you need to do a test rollout and want to risk as little as possible.

Yahoo Partners with Bing for their ads. While the number of people who use Yahoo search is very small, there is still a slightly different demographic that still use it and it does count as a bump in search volume.

Since Bing is working to compete with the behemoth of Google’s AdWords, they try to go the extra mile towards being more kind and courteous towards customers. This is very attractive for small businesses who may be brand new in the internet ad industry. You can jump right into an ad campaign with no prior knowledge much quicker if you have helpful support to get you started.

So, Which Platform is Best?

After considering the pros and cons of each, of course, it all comes down to your situation; the level of competition in your market, and what your business’ advertising budget looks like. Bing prevails for high competition, low budget startups. Google is better for medium or low competition markets with a clear advertising strategy and flexible budget.

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