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Set Your Status As "Away" And Be One With Nature | Force0six

The gentle beauty of nature. My goodness it feels good to be back in Montana. The fresh air, cool crisp mornings, countless birds chirping, the does and fawns in the backyard, and snow capped mountains exploding from the ground around me everywhere. I feel at peace when I am here. No horns honking, no traffic, except the occasional cattle drive, and no stress.

Montana is my nature | Force0six

These days its hard to ​​completely go off the grid and ignore your profession. We are in a digital world. We have internet access almost everywhere we go. We can talk on the phone, browse google, and use maps for everything. If our internet service is limited we almost always get a text message at some point during the day.

So how do you disengage? If you take a vacation do you really leave your work behind? Do you really want to drop off the grid or do you choose to check in occasionally each day so that when you return from your time off you are not bombarded with 1000 emails and unresolved client issues that require your attention?

It's safe to say that I have been in both situations. I have gone dark only to return more stressed out and I have also chosen to check in at certain times through my absence and respond to critical situations as they come up.

Montana always provides me the opportunity to do both so I consider this like setting my status as "away". I will be back but for today I am going to fish for a bit. Once I am done fishing, I will check back in and continue working. I may start working at 5 am because its already light out so I can sit on my patio and look out to this everyday and enjoy working. I believe the most noise I hear on any given day is birds chirping and the rapids flowing in the river below. I get a sense of calm even in the most technical situations that arise with my clients or their software development. My mind works better when nature feeds it. I feel its important to find your place where all the stress goes away and your thoughts come easily. Maybe its the beach or a coffee shop in a crowded downtown suburb. Maybe its on a mountain top or on a boat while you are deep sea fishing. For me its here. At my house in Montana.

Hunting and Shooting in Montana | Force0six

Not only do I love what my dad has left me here, I love the thought of it all. The drive up from San Diego, the hunting and fishing, the time with my family, loved ones and best friends, the campfires every night, the sunsets, and the peace that nature gives me on the daily. Montana gives me a certain level of comfort knowing that this chaotic world still has those best places left to run and hide all while remaining connected, if I choose to be.

When the sun sets everyday, be grateful for what you have, who you have, and where you love to be. Make sure you take time to set your status as "away" whenever you need to. I always appreciate what I have because it can be taken away, or choose to leave you. Either way, I would keep this place at all costs and the people I have in my life. At the end of the day, you are what you surround yourself with. I am the most content and happy here because I have my nature. Thanks Dad.


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