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For new business owners who want to succeed at inbound marketing, geo-targeted content is a must. What is geo-targeted content? It’s content that’s written with a specific geographical area in mind. A blog titled “Best Places to

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Hike in San Diego” would be an example. A blog titled “5 places to Hike” would not. To help you make your content more geo-specific, check out some of these tips.

Write Around Your Industry, Not Just About It

Your product or service doesn’t exist in a vacuum, and the people who visit your site will most likely have a question about some other topic related to your business. You can answer that question for them by writing not just about your industry, but also around it—i.e. write about the industries that relate to it. This will do a couple of things: show visitors that you really know your industry and help you form a good relationship with other local companies in your town. And you never know; they may return the favor and send business your way, too.

Think like a Searcher

People searching for a certain item in a certain area won’t use one certain long-tail keyword. Think of all terms that a searcher might use to find a product in your region. This can be as specific as the neighborhood where your company’s located, and as general as the city or state where it’s located. If someone is searching for organic groceries in La Jolla, Ca, for example, a searcher may use the terms “La Jolla,” “San Diego,” or “SoCal.”

Have All Your On-Page SEO Elements Covered

For your geo-targeted content to succeed, you must include the relevant keywords in five key spots: the page title, the header, the page content, the URL, and image ALT text. Don’t be afraid to tweak the keyword when including it in your content. For example, if your keyword is “pet stores in San Diego, California,” you may write an article titled “The Best Pet Stores in San Diego, California.” When you write the first paragraph, you don’t have to include that phrase, word for word. You can change the plural “pet stores” to “pet store” and mention San Diego somewhere before or after; from all of these elements, Google and Bing will know what your content covers.

Rank by Blogging Consistently

If you want to dominate the keyword for your region, you can do that by showing Google that you own that topic. And to do that, you need to blog. The more blogs you write, the more of your pages Google will index. The more of your pages Google indexes, the deeper the footprint you leave on the Internet. And the deeper the footprint you leave on the Internet…you get what I’m trying to say. The point is that customers will be much more likely to find you if you claim your Internet territory. You do that through blogging.

Write for Outsiders Coming In

Blogs that you write around your industry will definitely be helpful for your local audience. Don’t think of your blog as a magnet for only locals, though. Non-locals can also benefit from your geo-targeted content. Think about what questions an outsider coming into town would have, and brainstorm ways you can answer those questions. For example, if you’re a moving business in a college town, and the beginning of the new school year is approaching, you may blog about different resources in the college neighborhoods, such as nearby grocery stores, restaurants, and other attractions. Or, you may provide moving tips for students who are moving into nearby apartments.

If done correctly, geo-targeted content will help you earn a coveted high spot on the SERPs. Writing geo-targeted content is essentially a three-step process: Think. Commit. Write. Make a commitment to blogging consistently, so that Google can’t help but notice you. Before you even sit down to write, though, you’ll have to do some brainstorming. Think about the ways your business fits into the framework of your city. How does your business connect with others? What topics can you write about, based on that connection? When you have the answers to these questions, you’ll be well on your way to writing content that will get your business noticed.

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